Vespa Club of Finland

Classic and Plastic Vespa
Copyright: Mika Koivunen | Camera: Canon AF35ML | Film: Ilford XP2 | Process: C-41

Vespa Club of Finland was founded in 1950’s by request of Piaggio C.s.p.a and it’s the oldest and largest Vespa Club in Finland.

The purpose of this club is to get together drivers of vehicles made by Piaggio C.s.p.a, promote traffic culture and vehicle handling of its members, promote museum registering of vehicles made by Piaggio C.s.p.a. and handle relations of Vespa Clubs located in different countries across the world.



Tatu Johansson
Röykkälänkatu 12
24100 Salo
[email protected]

Secretary / Club Magazine Editor

Mika Koivunen
Hämeenkatu 22 B 6
05800 Hyvinkää
[email protected]

Treasurer, Head of foreign affairs

Nuutti Johansson
Mäkelänkatu 15 C 29
00550 Helsinki
[email protected]

Other Members of board

Kalervo Rautio